An installation made for Jagermeister.
A different take on the classic whack a mole game. Jagermeister shots pop up and you have to whack them down as fast as possible. As you do so the meter in front of you will drop in temperature. The more jagermeisters you hit the further the temperature drops as you try to reach the ideal serving temperature for a shot, -18c.

On the right, a meter is running as you have only 60 seconds to complete this game. Once you’ve reached the -18 you have won a Jaegermeister shot at the bar.

The base of the machine is build of multiplex wood and the edges are reinforced with aluminium black profiles. The interface is laser cut from orange plexiglas, as are the decorations on top of the machine. The mechanics from an old whack a mole are used for the shots being popped up to hit.

Build in collaboration with
Sam van Doorn
(Text: Sam van Doorn)