Transparent Cable, commissioned work

Jólan van der Wiel – Transparent Cable
Everywhere around us we find energy. It has to be transported from A to B. How would an electricity cable look like if you could see the energy going through? Through a series of manipulations with power and rhythm, Transparent Cable creates a big pink elephant in the room – the attention piece which systematically begs the question; where does energy come from? The visualisation of musac, it is always with us in the room, yet quietly beautiful.

Our Role
Jólan came up with this concept, since it would be quite a technical chalenge we were brought in to support with prototyping, electronics, programming and production from the very first moment.
– Brainstorm & prototype how to display/visualize power consumption in the power cord.
– Acurate measure amps
– program lightpulses visualizing power consumption
– Installing at the exhibition in Milan, “Salone del mobile”  and Einhoven “Dutch Design week” 2015

Concept and design Jólan van der Wiel