Jameson Squash Air Hockey

For Jameson Whiskey we created the Squash Air hockey Table. A table where, instead of playing across form each other, you stand side by side. You have to score by playing the puck via the back of the table and let it bounce back in the goal of the opponent.

The machine exterior is build from wood, and on top is the playing field, a laser cut Plexiglas piece of 1700mm x1500mm, with holes every 2,5 cm for air to be passed through by the 4 fans attached on the inside. The scoreboard works with split flaps we developed for a previous project “Characters Arival”. With messages to encourage the players in Jameson style in between the game, like “THATS THE IRISH SPIRIT”.

A big upside to this machine is the space it takes. The problem we found with regular Air Hockey tables was that they took up way to much space in an office, gamehal or anywhere. By building it this way you can place it against a wall and not more than 2×2 meters is necessary.

Build in collaboration with
Sam van Doorn
(Text: Sam van doorn)