Character Arrival

I was commissioned by MOTI (Museum of the Image) in Breda(NL) to developed a split flap installation for the exhibition “Moti Hotel” in 2016. Concept and graphic design was coming from by Pictoplasma, a Berlin based design team.

My role was to create the electronics, mechanics and code for the installation.


“Pictoplasma: Character Arrival”
A split-flap display installation of emphatic visual communicationThe Space Invaders – in all their minimalist glory and retro nostalgia – have been born out of a technological limitation. Driven by the necessity to engage the player emotionally by anthropomorphizing a hand full of pixels, the 1978 arcade game created a timeless, iconic logotype and pioneered a true avalanche of reduced and abstract figurative design, which echoes throughout pop culture up to today.Some of their descendants were born at the turn of the millennium, with the breakthrough of the commercial Internet. An endlessly ballooning White Noise of character visuals fought its way through the slow 56k modem connections of the time, promising to make eye-contact with the viewer, bypass all cultural boundaries and enable global communication. Pictoplasma was founded in 1999 to set a considered, stylistically sure-footed collection of artistic character representations against the growing glut of random minimal mascots and interchangeable pathetic sympathy seekers. Meanwhile the visual quality of emphatic character design has spread to diverse media, ranging from illustration, graphic design and urban arts all the way to fashion, fine art and robotics. Today thousands of artists are networked by the Pictoplasma project, with a growing archive of uncountable life-forms.The installation “Pictoplasma – Character Arrival” features a fraction from its archives, created by a global scene of artists, who have contributed their works to previous Pictoplasma publications, festivals and conferences, including Akinori Oishi, Boris Hoppek, Buffmonster, Chris Garbutt, Darcel Disappoints, FriendsWithYou, Geneviève Gauckler, Guillaumit, Ian Stevenson, James D Wilson, Jun Seo Hahm, Leo Espinosa, Meni Tzima, Motomichi Nakamura, Rilla Alexander, Ryan Cox, Sonni Adrian, Sticky Monster Lab, Tim Biskup, and many more…

Client: Pictoplasma & MOTI Museum